When You Need the Ultimate Network Security Protection, Think WatchGuard and Excalibur Technology.

Excalibur Technology is a certified WatchGuard Expert Partner. WatchGuard provides reliable firewall and VPN appliances to combat today’s network threats. WatchGuard produces unified threat management solutions that provide multi-faceted protection from malicious threats, backed by strong performance with reliable multi-layered security solutions. Their line of firewall products also can provide SPAM filtering, virus filtering, Internet content filtering, and Internet monitoring. Powerful reports allow business owners and managers to track employee Internet usage and ensure that corporate IT acceptable usage policies are upheld.

As an Expert Partner, Excalibur Technology is able to implement and support WatchGuard Firebox X Peak, X Core and X Edge series of security appliances. This includes expert knowledge with managing Web Blocker, Live Security, Fireware Pro and SSL appliance options. Expert Partners have access to escalated support and resolutions through WatchGuard should the need arise to ensure our client fast and reliable support solutions.

WatchGuard® Firebox T10-W

Security Appliance with 1-year LiveSecurity Service

MFG. PART # WGT10501
UPC # 654522008329

Your Price: $360.00

WatchGuard® Firebox T30-W

Security Appliance with 1-year Standard Support

UPC # 654522011152

Your Price: $690.00

WatchGuard® Firebox T50-W

Security Appliance with 1-year Standard Support

UPC # 654522011893

Your Price: $1,000.00

WatchGuard® XTM 2 Series 25-W

Security Appliance with 1-year LiveSecurity Service

MFG. PART # WG025501
UPC # 43222501

Your Price: $500.00

Call Excalibur Technology today for all of your WatchGuard firewall and appliance sales, service and support needs including:

  • WatchGuard Firewall Installation, Maintenance and Support
  • Unified Threat Management
  • SpamBlocker
  • WebBlocker
  • Application Control
  • WatchGuard Dimension Reporting
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • WAN Failover
  • High Availability
  • and much more!
Excalibur Technology is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Excalibur Technology is a WatchGuard Expert Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Cisco Select Partner
Excalibur Technology is an Intel Channel Partner
Excalibur Technology is a VMWare Certified partner
Excalibur Technology is a Hewlitt Packard (HP) Authorized Reseller